Organzation Category
ESG Co-Creation Award

Demonstraion of Driving Strategic ESG Performance through co-creatingh measurable results of achieving particular business unit and external community for sustainable business.

Eligibility of the Category

The ESG Co-Creation Award is open to ​all public, private and not-for-profit organisation from around the world.

Criteria for ​the Award

At least THREE impact actions with significant positive impact in one year.

Evidence Submission Guidelines

1) Impact Actions address urgent and important earth/society issues.
2) Positive Impact must be verified by 3rd Party
3) ​Endorsed Positive Impact Verifiers
     SDG World Records,
4) ​Evidence beyond a reasonable doubt (anti-impact washing).
5) InnoESG Prize reserves the right to dismiss applications that lack clarity 
     or sufficient information.

If you have additional questions, please email

Recognition for Winners

1) Honored at an InnoESG Prize ceremony
3) ​Able to have the privilege of using the Winner logo
3) Receive InnoESG Prize Trophy and Winner Certificate (pdf)

Timeline for the Category

1) ​The award is open for application all year round.
2) The unique application id will be assigned if entry success.
3) To be considered, impact actions must be taken within 12 months.
4) The evidence submission must be before end of each intake
     - 1st Intake: Mid of May
     - 2nd Intake: Mid of Oct
5) InnoESG Prize Ceremony will be held in June and  November normally.

Application Process

1) Entry form submission online 
     - submit Basic Info of Company and Contact Only
2) Making a Payment
3) Submit the proof impact evidence on or before deadline
4) Review submitted evidence to ensure they are complete and 
     may request additional information
5) Final result announcement