SDG Label (ESG Badge) Certificate

Sustainable Impact Endorsement for Product(or Service) /Process/People


The SDG Label (ESG Badge) Certificate endorses Product(or Service)/Process/People with Sustainable Impact(s).


  • The Label (ESG Badge) is open to all organisations from the public, private, and NGO sector with validated business registration around the world

In recent years, customers, employees, investors and governments have put increasing pressure on companies to demonstrate greater environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Increasingly, listed/would-be listed companies are pledging to procure the materials and services they need from companies committed to fair labor practices and environmental protections, etc. 


Sustainability has received more attention in the management literature with triple bottom line describing the sustainability with social, environmental, and economic initiatives.

Make your Sustainability ‘look the part’ - produce flyer, ​stationery, name cards, website, and recruitment advertisement with the Official Logo of SDG Label Certificate.



17 SDGs and 3 Categories (Product(or Service)/Process/People)


SDG-verified Criteria:

Component(s) of Product(or Service)/Process/People linked to particular SDG number

and its target(s)

SDG Details: 


SDG Label is one of Endorsed Sustainable Impacts for applying InnoESG Prize Series.



  1. Promotes being ESG-ready brand
  2. Opens doors to new markets
  3. Keeps customers happy


Application Submission: all year round

Application Process Time: around 6 weeks

Each Succss Application will receive:

  1. SDG Label Certificate
  2. SDG Label Logo
  3. Unique Verify Url with Auth Code (

Application Fee: Please contact us

SDG Label (ESG Badge) Examples - Product Category

Product(or Service)/Process/People Categories are available

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